The Natural Log

The Natural Log

The Natural Log is a project I have been working on for over ten years and is still expanding on a daily base. Everytime I give birth to my own natural log (2 – 3 times a day) I just quickly take a snap of my view. After eight years doing this it results in over 5000 unique pictures that act like some sort of diary(hea) of these past eight years showing every trip I took, every move I made and every picture tells a story about that particular day. For example, having a emergency in the bushes while being on a hike, or showing a bucket in front of me because I was sick


The Natural Log is my interpretation of a diary that tells the story behind the normal diaries that normally wouldn’t be told. The Natural Log did once got exhibited at Avans University of applied science where I only showed 300 pictures. These 300 pictures result in a gallery that was 3 meter high and 1,5 meter wide which was pretty imposant, just imagine the 72m^2 that i can fill with these 5000 unique pictures!

The natural logbook:

For fun purposes and practice with DTP work I am currently working on “The Natural Logbook”. This is a little diary that contains all The Natural Log pictures taken in one year, combined with a little description of the situation I was in and an introduction of the place I took the picture at.

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