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Max Castelein | Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Hi! I'm Max Castelein―
Creative Designer

A good amount of humour but also having the ability to work seriously, that’s me.

Born and raised in the small picturesque town Kloetinge, the Netherlands where I grew up in the lovely 90’s playing RuneScape and Pokémon. I later on went to Breda to study Communication & Multimedia Design and felt in love with telling stories and designing.

About me, I can say that I am a spontaneous person with a social character, often having ‘different’ ideas and filled with a healthy dose of humour. I always try to get as much fun working on a project which often results in separate and mischievous, but also nice results.

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My Experience

During my studies I had multiple internships at some different agencies like Rocket Science Studios and Caviar Digital. During these Internships I worked for clients like Nike, Google and Samsung teaching me how to work hard, having fun with big projects and again, to work hard. Graduating at Baron Vermouth gave me the experience to work at a brand new company having a lot of responsibility on my own.

Rocket Science Studios

Creative Intern

Caviar Digital

Creative Intern

Buro NCP / Baron Vermouth

UX Design Graduate