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Design an Narrative game that helps high school students with their daily problems.

With this debrief in mind Jordy Moerland and I started to reflect on our own high school period and found that we both struggled with the feeling of being stuck all alone in a difficult situation. After some research with the kids from a local high school it was confirmed that we were not alone with this.


Loops is an 2D Puzzle/Platform- game where the element ‘Trial and Error’ challenges the player. The game is about five different characters with each their own abilities and difficulties. The characters, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue are trapped in a looping world which they only can escape by working together and using the unique abilities each character has to solve platform puzzles.

This game is a translation of the feeling of being stuck where a difficult situation keeps you locked in position. A situation that a lot of high school students struggle with and could be solved by not locking yourself up alone but talk and cooperate with different people.

Offcourse it is easy to say that people stuck in this loop should just talk to other people, but in reality this is the hardest thing for them to do. This is the reason the player will start all alone with the character Orange, that will find his new friends along the way. This gives the player the time to get to know his/her abilities and restrictions, and later on the abilities and restrictions of their new friends.

Character Design: Stein Louisse

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