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© 2018, Max Castelein


  • Skills: Photography



Everybody loves it, and the world is filled with it. You know what I’m talking about; Fruit!

Haha no that’s just a joke, obviously I’m talking about Porn! I don’t even like fruit that much, but damn i do love porn! Ok ok, enough about me, more about Pornfruit.

Starting from a school project at Avans, where the debriefing was to create a series of pictures about food my eye felt on these sexually curved pears which almost had human like shapes just having a huge “orgy” at the grocery. After seeing this, my topic for the serie was clear; Pornfruit.


The next couple of weeks i created a small photo studio in my room and searched every grocery store for the most human shaped fruits. While my parents were concerned about their 23 (at the time) year old playing sexual games with fruit, I made the following picture series of Pornfruit. Which later on was exhibited at “Kunstuitleen de Bevelanden” and even some of the pictures were sold!