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© 2018, Max Castelein
Brewing Design

Another Damned Brewery



OH NO! Not another damned brewery!


Indeed, this is Another Damned Brewery, but not another damned brewery.


Proudly wearing my last name ‘Castelein’, which is old Dutch for bartender, fits perfectly with my love for drinking and making beer. With the current beer hype going on, the Netherlands actually outnumbers Belgium with beer breweries. With every week some new hipster beer brewer making exactly the same IPA makes me as a micro brewer a little sad, offcourse it’s good to see more people enjoying beer but the lack of creativity in the mainstream sector just upsets me. Especially when you see all those micro brewers experimenting with all kinds of flavours and types of beers besides the hipster IPA’s.


This is the reason I came up with “Another Damned Brewery”, a non profit brewery that is not just like every other hipster brewery making 5 different kinds of the same IPA but giving micro brewers a podium to share their unique beers with the rest of the world. Not Another Brewery is the first cooperative brewery where every month, another brewer has the chance to introduce his/her own brew. The concept is simple, 12 months a year, every month a new beer from a new brewer with a beer that fits that month.


And why not take it a step further? I love beer but I also love design. Let’s give design students a chance to create this label for the beer by working together with a brewer and see their label getting printed on hundreds of bottles! For now on Another Damned Brewery is still a concept until I found a right place/brewer to make this happen.

Brewed Beers

While Another Damned Brewery is still a work in progress, I will keep brewing beers for my own, and ofcourse, keep designing labels for my own beers!